McCammon Race

The Ogden Racing Pigeon Club is back in action for the 2012 Young Bird Season.  Friday’s basketing was a fun event kicked off by a very nice barbeque in Roland’s beautiful back yard.  Thanks to those who put in the work for the barbeque.

There were some technical difficulties getting the computer to work both for getting the birds checked in and with figuring the results.  We appreciate your patience with the problems on the first race.  Things should work better from here!

The Schedule is up to date and the you can view Results here on the website.  You can also view results on the AU Website.  We hope to keep things updated in a timely manner.

Sal’s Loft dominated this weeks race clocking a whopping 15 birds before the next loft clocked a single bird.  Ashby Loft, Legacy Flyway, and The Hot Pink Raiders also had birds clock in the top 10%.  Speeds were quite fast for a day with relatively no wind.  Sal’s winning bird (AU OGN 2012 3517) came in at 1562.645 YPM.

Congratulations to Sal’s Loft on winning the first race of the 2012 YB Season.

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