Fort Hall Race

racing pigeon winner

The second race of the season was a tough race from Fort Hall.  Early morning, the weather was bad with thunderstorms.  At 8:00am it had cleared up and looked nice.  The decision was made to release the birds.  The weather was near perfect while we waited for the birds to arrive.  Somehow this ended up being a really tough race.  Many from our club ended up missing birds, the Salt Lake Clubs reported heavy losses too.  The Plymouth Peak Pro Challenge released birds at the exact same time along the course and as of Sunday night, there were still just 303 out of 463 birds back.  Very tough day of pigeon racing.

This week’s first place bird was AU 2012 OGN 3501 and once again team of Armando and Sal from Sal’s Loft came out on top taking the first 3 places.  Legacy Loft, Ashby Loft, Pink Raiders, Slot’s Loft, and Skyway Loft all scored birds in the top 10%.  Congratulations to Sal’s Loft on another 1st Place.  View complete club results HERE.

The Eliminator Challenge began this week.  Each week the top half of the Eliminator Entries will move on to compete for another week.  Below is a break down of the birds competing in the Eliminator Challenge and the birds moving on.  The Loft names indicated in RED are unpaid.

Eliminator Challenge:

Slot’s Loft:

AU OGN 2012 3224

AU OGN 2012 3202

AU OGN 2012 3204

Ashby Loft:

AU OGN 2012 3929

AU OGN 2012 3925

AU OGN 2012 3708

AU 2012 RIXEY 145

AU 2012 NEPLS 4721

Hooper Loft:

AU OGN 2012 3115

AU OGN 2012 3110

AU OGN 2012 3109

AU OGN 2012 3117

AU OGN 2012 3106

Legacy Loft:

AU OGN 2012 3311

AU OGN 2012 3330

AU OGN 2012 3332

AU OGN 2012 3333

AU OGN 2012 3326

AU OGN 2012 3342

Pink Raiders:

AU OGN 2012 3758

Sal’s Loft:

AU OGN 2012 3510

AU OGN 2012 3518

AU OGN 2012 3535

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