Divide and Clark Canyon Races

We started a big weekend of Pigeon Racing with a “Three-nco De Mayo” barbeque.  We were treated to some excellent tacos, salsas, guacamole and deserts.   Thanks to all who brought items to contribute to the fun.

Two races in one day.  Divide and Clark Canyon.  We expected that we were in for a blue bird day of pigeon racing and a fast speeds.  This turned into a very tough day of racing.  Due to poor returns, we had to put off clock check in until Sunday.

The Clark Canyon race was won by Sal’s Loft.  AU 2012 OGN 3581 flew 268 miles back to Sal’s Loft with a speed of 1645 YPM.  A full 7 and a half minutes ahead of the next best bird.  Congratulations to Sal on the win!  See full club results here.

The race from Divide, Montana was won by Hooper Loft.   AU 2010 OGN 524 flew 1251 YPM on the 322 miles back to Bryan’s loft.  This was almost 7 minutes ahead of the next fastest bird.  Congratulations to Bryan on the win!  See full club results here.

Here’s some photos from the weekend.  Click to view larger image.  Thanks to “J-lo” for the photos!

DSC01303 DSC01299 DSC01297 DSC01293 DSC01286 DSC01283 DSC01309












Next week we’re racing 400 miles from Deer Lodge.  See you then!

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